blue beer can


5.9% ABV

TCoB Silver Medal

Inspired by “I Thank You” Sam & Dave

Our Fall seasonal is an Oktoberfest; a deep rich amber hued, unfiltered lager to reflect the harvest, this beer will have you shouting Prost and singing German beer songs after one sip. Since the first Oktoberfest in 1810, Germans and the world over have enjoyed and look forward to a crisp lager bier every year. The celebration we know of today was originally a wedding celebration for the future King of Bavaria, but back then only dark lagers were served, not the version we have become accustomed to, and it was not actually an annual celebration. But the ceremony had a certain force that the area decided to have another party a year later and here we are over 200 years later celebrating what has become the biggest celebration of beer in the world! During the last two weeks of September into October, 8 million liters of beer is served during Oktoberfest! For our version, the malt gives flavors of grilled bread, the hops give an aroma of a floral bouquet and a touch of spiciness. Danke is incredibly smooth and well balanced. A wonderful lager to usher us into the fall and whether you imbibe with lots of friends or under the stars with your special someone, this beer will have you saying “Danke” which means thank you in German, to those Münchners so very long ago who just wanted another reason to celebrate and drink more bier! Danke is our thank you to Memphis, for showing us so much support as we open our doors to this wonderful city!

Food Pairings: Weiner Schnitzel • Aged Gruyère • Sweet Potato Casserole

“I THANK YOU” Sam & Dave

Recorded at Stax Studios, 1967

This exuberant song was written and produced by the Stax Records mainstays Isaac Hayes and David Porter, who were Sam & Dave’s main songwriters. The song finds the duo so lovestruck they want to shout it to the heavens, throughout the song they thank the special lady for giving them that feeling and making them understand what their friends mean when they say they’ve been “turned out” by love. The gospel feel is established off the top when Sam Moore delivers a spoken introduction with the passion of a preacher: “I want everybody to get up off your seat and get your arms together and your hands together and give me some of that old soul clapping.”

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