We believe in supporting our community and events that support the betterment of society and the environment. If you are interested in a donation, whether it be merchandise, gift cards, tours, event space, please fill out the form below. Please keep in mind that we cannot possible fulfill every request, but our management team will consider each request and someone will reach back out to the contact.

Qualifications for Donations

1. All donation requests must be filled out and submitted online through our form below.

2. Company/organization must verify 501(c)(3) status. Please attach document to form below.

3. Requests need to be submitted at least 30 days before event.

4. You may only receive 1 donation per calendar year.

5. We are unable to provide staff to work your event, due to limited staffing.


We politely decline donations for:

1. Organizations/companies without a 501(c)(3) status

2. Political organizations

3. Religious non-profits

4. Individual schools, universities, booster clubs, social clubs, sororities, fraternities, bands, athletic teams

5. Events designed for personal or corporate profit gains


We would prefer to not donate beer, but if you would like to request this as your donation, please be advised:

1. We cannot provide beer to be re-sold at an event per state of TN law.

2. All kegs do have an additional deposit cost, that will be returned to you, when keg is returned to brewery. Please be advised equipment for tapping kegs will not be available through the brewery.

3. A valid 21+ ID will be needed for pickup of beer.