German Style Kölsch Ale
4.6% ABV

Kölsch style ales originate from Cologne, Germany. A protected style like Champagne from France, only breweries in Cologne can claim the name. Our Kitchen Kölsch will only be served traditionally as it is in Germany, in a 0.2L glass called a Stange, and passed around to your table in a Kranz during a special event we call, Where the Rhine meets the Delta, a night of Kölsch. Lagering this ale, makes it bright and crisp. Malt character of light cracker and honeyed fruit with delicate, floral hop aromas gives this beer extreme drinkability with exceptional balance. 

Food Pairings: Charcuterie • Pickled Vegetables • Fresh Fruit 

“Come On In My Kitchen” Robert Johnson

Recorded at Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, 1936
Written by Johnson and was recorded during his first ever recording session at the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio. Only two takes were preserved from that session and it has been referred to has his first unquestionable masterpiece, a hypnotic lament. A master of the Delta Blues, who is considered to be one the greats, died at the age of 27 in 1938. With all the rumors swirling about Johnson selling his soul to the devil and no official cause of death; he has become a man of myth and legend. He continues to influence musicians long after his time. A true testament to the power of music, since his recording career only spanned seven months before his death. Rolling Stone puts Johnson on their 200 Greatest Singers of All Time, as well as their 100 Greatest Guitars of All Time lists. His recordings were also added into the National Recording Registry in 2003.

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