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Scottish Heather Ale
3.5% ABV

Inspired by “Caledonia” Louis Jordan

Our Scottish Ale is poured through a Nitro faucet to give you a thick, creamy and long lasting head. Using a nitrogen faucet mimics the low carbonation and mouthfeel of a pub ale. This beer has a much lower ABV than the typical Scotch Ales. Caledonia reminds one of Scottish shortbread cookies and creamy caramel candies. A nice touch of stone fruit is also prominent in the flavor of this ale. Heather is added which gives this beer a more floral, earthy and black tea like quality, that truly smells like Scotland in a glass. Heather grows wild throughout the country and was often used alongside the malt in brewing traditions of old. The name, Caledonia, was the Latin name given by the Romans to describe the land north of Britannia, which would eventually become Scotland. It is still used as a poetic name for all of Scotland in general. Sláinte!

Food Pairings: Cedar Planked Salmon • Smoked Cheddar • English Toffee

“CALDONIA” Louis Jordan

Recorded in New York, 1945

Louis Jordan, born in Brinkley, Arkansas, is described by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as “The Father of Rhythm & Blues” and “The Grandfather of Rock n’ Roll,” and the Blues Foundation states that he was the precursor to R&B. Caledonia was his fifth number one hit of the 1940s. As one music journalist writes, a song very much rooted in jazz, but with rock and roll beats and energy; that you can actually hear the future of rap and hip hop. Although he wrote the song himself, his wife at the time is credited as the sole songwriter, as he was avoiding an existing publishing agreement. He actually wrote or co-wrote most of his songs, but would not benefit financially from them, for the previous reason. In 2018, Jordan was inducted in the Blues Hall of Fame and awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement for leading the way for rock and roll in the 50s. This song is recorded in the Grammy Hall of Fame but credited as “Caledonia Boogie.”

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