vinyl record on biege background


Hard Soda
4.0% ABV

Inspired by the Grooves on a Record

Our plain hard seltzer is like nothing you will find elsewhere. Instead of flavoring it ourselves, we let you decide which flavor you want, and by doing so, you have now turned your hard seltzer into a hard soda! If you have not been to our taproom before we make craft sodas for the under 21 drinkers or to please our non-drinkers or designated drivers! We have a total of 9 different syrups – 8 all the time flavors and a rotating monthly seasonal – that you can create your own flavor of soda or hard soda. We named our seltzer, Groove, inspired by the grooves on a record. If you haven’t noticed we love our music here at Soul & Spirits and wanted this one to pay tribute not to a particular song, but to all the records spinning those grooves to play out the tunes we love so much! The only place you can get this flavor your own seltzer is at the taproom, so grab a Groove, sit back and enjoy these specially curated grooves just for you.

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